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I am so sick. Yesterday we thought I might end up back in the hospital because I couldn’t breathe and had terrible chest pain. Very bad day..
Today…a bit better on that front but incredible pain in my hips and legs. Meds don’t help. Oh well, back to bed I go.

Pardon Me If I Don’t Hold My Breath Waiting

Gemini Jul 3 2011 

It isn’t a problem if money can solve it. That profound bit of wisdom only applies, of course, if you HAVE the money to solve a problem. Right now this may be an issue for you, Gemini. In the big picture, you have a seemingly simple challenge. If you had the resources, you could take care of it with a snap of your fingers. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have that option right now. But if you hang in there, and you don’t let fear or worry eat you up and cause you to feel restless, insecure, and uncertain about your future, then the perfect solution will simply materialize when you need it most.

Amazing. And Scary.

These Horoscopes are frighteningly accurate.
Gemini June 21 2011 
If you are going through a rough time right now, Gemini, don’t just curse it as you quickly work to escape it. Even though you do need to move through your current problem as quickly as possible, you can still get something positive out of it. Start by being very conscious of your situation, and recognizing how you wound up in it in the first place. You also need to be ever-aware of what’s going on around you, and how you are successfully moving through your dilemma. An excellent solution lies ahead; maximize what you get from this experience in the meantime.


Was scheduled to have my cardiac tests done on Friday, a chemically induced stress test and an Echo cardiogram. Got a call from their office this afternoon telling me I’ll only be having the echo because there won’t be a doctor in the office on Friday to administer the stress test because the doctors have decided to take Friday off. WTF?! They’re just gonna blow patients off so they can have a long weekend! You got to be kidding me. Must be nice! The receptionist said they could do it on Tuesday so luckily I don’t have to wait another couple of weeks but still, it’s the principle!

You wanted to be a nurse, be one!

My nurse was just in and told me she scheduled the MRI on my hips and spine the doctor ordered. Surprising it got done this quickly, she’s usually too busy playing Words With Friends on her phone to actually do her job. Of course she scheduled it for Friday…the day I’m having my cardiac tests! “Oh someone was standing on front of our scheduling calendar” she says. So move them out of the way! Figures the first time she actually does her job and she messes it up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked her to do or check something and it never gets done. Put down the phone and do your job!

This horoscope is so spot on it’s frightening.

Gemini June 20 2011 
You can’t change the past, Gemini, but you can come to terms with it. There may be something you wish you’d done differently. Everyone on this planet has regrets. But something about your current wistfulness is causing you to crave solitude. If you stop focusing so much on what you didn’t do, you’ll have the chance to explore what you did do - and you did an amazing number of things right. Revel in what you’ve achieved, and let go of what didn’t work out as you hoped. When you clear the air of regretful hindsight, you’ll also clear the path ahead - which can lead to something wonderful.
(Waiting for the wonderful part)

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” ~ Lou Holtz

Rubbed Wrong

Katie Holmes was recognized (along with Annette Benning) for being a leader in film. Say what? Katie hasn’t done anything of note since 2005 when she was in Batman Begins. How about honoring someone more deserving.
If she has been doing something great for the film industry that I am unaware of (which is possible because I’ve been under my rock for quite some time) please feel free to enlighten me.
Sorry, this just really rubbed me the wrong way.

Across the world people are rioting in protest over civil injustices, for everyday things we take for granted.
On this side of the world people riot because their favorite team did or did not win a sporting event.
This is a sad commentary on our world.
We should be ashamed.

My Long Road

When I started this account many many months ago, I was trying to come up with a title for my page. My love of Nickelback had me wanting to use one of their song titles. I chose The Long Road because I had been on a very long road in my life and was starting a new chapter. Little did I know that there was an even longer and harder road ahead of me. So it seems my choosing this particular song title for my account was on the mark.
For those of you who know me well know what I’m talking about. For those that don’t, that is a story for another time.